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What are the benefits of private health insurance?

Taking out private health insurance ensures that you receive high quality medical attention that is tailored to fit your individual circumstances. You can take out a policy for yourself and often your family as well; gaining peace of mind that you will have quick access to medical experts- for consultations, preventative health measures and medical treatment if necessary.

If you fall ill when covered by private health insurance you can expect to avoid lengthy NHS queues. The costs of the treatment you receive: expert medical advice, specialist treatment, high quality facilities in private hospitals (often with a private room) and a high standard of aftercare – will be paid for by your insurer.

What plans are available for medical insurance cover?

There are a lot of options available, in order to help suit your individual requirements and budget. You can choose individual cover, couples cover or family cover (designed to integrate any children you have onto your plan). Some policies only cover in-patient treatment, but there are many comprehensive plans that include outpatients and preventative measures as well. Also available are cover plans for expatriates, income protection policies and a lot of insurers also offer ‘add-ons’ for instance dental plans, therapies, maternity care and worldwide cover to name just a few.

What are the options for family cover?

Most medical insurance companies offer the option to cover your partner, children or both. Even a basic family healthcare plan can cover the whole family for consultations, tests, scans, surgical procedures and inpatient stays. Most plans offer the chance for unlimited visiting hours and a bed for a parent accompanying their inpatient child.

Will I be able to afford private healthcare?

As there are so many levels of cover and payment options you might be surprised how affordable private healthcare is. Just complete our form for a no-obligation quote tailored to your circumstances. You may find it more affordable than you expect.

What can I expect to pay for my excess?

The amount you will pay for the excess in the event of a claim depends on both the policy and the insurance company. The lowest excess charged is around £100. There are, however, a number of policies available that have no compulsory excess. If your policy does have an excess then you can often lower your premiums by agreeing to a higher excess

Will pre-existing conditions be covered on my policy?

This will depend on both the insurer and the nature of your pre-existing condition. Some policies might apply limitations on the cover, occasionally excluding the expense of a condition. However often insurers will only apply these restrictions for the first 2 years of the policy. If there is no recurrence within these 2 years the condition will be covered.

With regard to cancer many companies are now integrating cancer care into some of their policies. Each insurer has their own rules and options, our advisors can help you get a quote that is relevant to your circumstances.

Is age a defining/prohibitive factor?

Although there is sometimes an age restriction on private healthcare, the common maximum ages being 65, 74 and 99 – many policies do not have an age limit. Premiums do tend to be higher as you age, but this does not necessarily mean you won’t be able to find an affordable policy. Prices vary and some insurers focus on insuring the over 50s. It is
advisable to get a range of quotes as prices vary in this category.

Will smoking affect my policy?

Smoking will not prohibit you from taking out private health care; but premiums will inevitably be higher than those of a non-smoker due to the health risks associated with smoking. However if you have not used tobacco products for 12 months or more this will work in your favour when getting a quote.

Why use you and not go directly to the insurance company?

Our advisors will be able to give you a range of free quotes that suit your needs. We take the time and hassle out of phoning lots of different companies for a quote. As we are independent of any one provider we are able to search the market – without bias – to find the best option for your budget and circumstances. You are under no obligation to go ahead with
the policy once you have been given quotes.

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